30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 30

It’s the last day of November, and there’s a couple of people who ought to get recognition for the role they’ve played in my life. I’ve had people come into my life in odd ways and in weird times, and they’ve engraved themselves into my heart. I’m fortunate to have gotten a chance to meet and know these wonderful people, and I wouldn’t be who I am today if they didn’t have some kind of influence on me.

“Mommy Kat” and I met on an online game site called Pogo.com. I was simply looking for something to keep me busy when I wasn’t working. I wasn’t expecting to meet my surrogate mother during the “darker days” of my young adult life. Yet, there she was, and while my parents and I weren’t on the best speaking terms, she was there to listen and advise, encourage and scold, and cry and laugh with me. I was in a city and state with no relatives and no solid friends near, and “Mommy Kat” was always a phone call, a text, a private message on Pogo.com away.

Before I left Tennessee to move out to California, after four years of talking via online and phone calls, I got to sit down and have a lunch with her at Applebee’s.

Since I moved West, we haven’t been able to really talk on the phone, but when I hear from her it’s a wonderful feeling. Just like as if I got contacted by my own mom.

The greatest thing for me was spotting her seated at my wedding ceremony as my parents walked me down the aisle. After the ceremony and during the pictorials in the garden, I made sure that my parents met her. I struggled to keep myself together when I introduced the three of them. As I said, “Mommy Kat” was with me during the “dark days” when my parents and I weren’t seeing eye-to-eye, and she kept me grounded for them. She was also the one who kept knocking on my head (virtually and figuratively) to reach out to my parents and patch things up.

I made sure that she wore some kind of grey/silver, as both my husband and I agree that the ladies in our lives were (and are always) the silver lining in our darkness. She filled in when I wouldn’t listen to my own parents and needed adult guidance, and for that, she’ll always be my “Mommy Kat”.

Another wonderful lady who needs recognition hails from a completely different state, and we met in the same location my husband and I met: On the solar farm. Tina brought Midwestern dialect into my life, and it’s one of the most comforting sound to me in this non-Southern accented portion of the country. When she talked, I felt like I was back in the South, which at times was all I needed to get back on track and out of my gloom in California.

She kept my husband and I on a somewhat straight path in Central Coast California, and if you ask me, it’s because of her that my husband and I ended up together-together. She was with us on our first outing, she slipped him the intel on my wanting to visit Hearst Castle, and while we talk smack about how ditsy and “motherly smothering” she was/is, my husband and I both love her dearly and appreciate her being there for us in California when our own mothers were out-of-state.

Tina and her husband made it out to the wedding, and when she asked what the attire was, I told her that she was joining the ranks of the moms in wearing grey/silver. No matter where the Brotherhood takes her and her husband, I know my husband and I will always have a surrogate mother in her, and she’ll always be part of our family.

For the first time ever, I’ve successfully completed a month-long challenge! I wonder what I’ll take on next. Maybe I’ll try doing the 30-day Abs workout or 30 days of Zumba….


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