A Look Back: Expendables 3

As I’ve stated before, my husband and I are movie freaks, but we’re extremely behind on our movie list. On Wednesday night, we finally watched this gem of an action star-packed movie. There’s really not a plot in the whole thing, and my husband and I were just too busy reveling in the power and glory of all the action super stars we grew up with to actually pay attention to any plot. However, I want to look a few little things that got my attention, and as usual: *** WARNING: THERE WILL BE SOME SPOILERS. SO, IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE MOVIE AND PLAN ON WATCHING, PLEASE STOP READING. THANK YOU. ***

Jumping right into the spoiler alert, my husband and I started playing “guess the action star” at the beginning of the film. I love trains, but it seems as if there’s only so much you can actually do with a train and on a train, and the opening sequence rocked my socks. Turns out, it was Wesley Snipes who needed to be “rescued” from the train, and after some heavy gunfire and some helicopter shenanigans, he showed his firepower angst by shooting and running the train into a fortress of a prison that he was being taken to. My husband’s only response throughout the first action scene: “Oh my god. That ‘fro!”

I just realized that the first movie I saw of Snipes was in The Demolition Man, co-starred by Stallone himself. So weird that it just hit me, as last night I kept thinking of Snipes as Blade, the Day Walker. *laughs*

 Moving on!

I honestly thought I was over Jason Statham as my “star crush”, and E3 just proved me wrong. Just in the third scene, while Snipes got acquainted with Dolph Lundgren’s knife and was thanking the guys (under Stallone’s urging), Statham hit me with the smile that put him in the #1 spot on my “star crush” list.

Needless to say, I spat out an apology to my husband and melted into the sofa. In his scenes throughout the movie, Statham just stomped his way back onto my list and TKO’d my now former “Top 3” out of their spots and took his place at #1 again. (Dang it. I had high hopes for Jeremy [Renner] too.)

It wouldn’t have been an Expendables movie if Statham’s character, Lee Christmas, didn’t have knife scenes, and E3 didn’t fail to please. I especially enjoyed the underlying challenge between Snipes and him throughout their action sequences, which got a final showdown in the end… in front of a dart board. (I silently think my husband wants a dart board here at the house….)


Out of all the newcomers, I was excited to see the one everyone was excited to see onscreen. The “take no BS” queen herself, Rowdy Ronda Rousey, and she knocked it out of the park in my opinion. Did I really have any doubt? Actually, I did. I wasn’t sure if she’d be able to pull off the sarcastic banter or be able to match up to some of the biggest names in Hollywood action, and I’m extremely happy that she proved me wrong! (I really want her promo poster for this movie now.)

Her intro scene was hilarious and on par with what I had hoped for. My husband and I were gawking at her red dress, and I was silently wishing I could be half as good as her walking in heels and kicking butt. (Laugh now, but male or female, you’d wish you had half the talent to wear those heels and do the stuff she was doing.)

Yeah… no. Not gonna happen with me. ONWARD!

 I told my husband that parkour and perhaps even Assassin’s Creed has influenced movies with all the “jumping around” (as I called it). While I know it may have been a stunt double, Antonio Banderas’s character, Galgo, had me rolling so hard from his first scene to his last. I can’t get over how talkative his role had him. He was non-stop, energizer bunny, and I bet after a handful of takes and re-takes of scenes, Banderas went hoarse from having to talk so much. My favorite scene of his is actually a tie between the first time we see him onscreen and his interaction with Rousey after they finish kicking butt.

To be honest, I haven’t seen Banderas in an action movie since… Once Upon A Time In Mexico… I think? Unless you can count Puss in Boots, but I personally don’t count animated films in the action genre. *laughs*

NEXT! (and last)

With all the big-named actors in this movie, what I really admired was the chemistry of the whole group onscreen (and off). I was thoroughly entertained by every banter and bicker and the brotherhood I saw on my TV. I have to really give credit to the chemistry of the team and the hard work in the choreography of all the fight scenes and all the action sequences, which was really every ounce of the movie!

From the OLD SCHOOL…

To the NEXT GEN.

Overall, I give Expendables 3:

movie clappermovie clappermovie clapper

3 out of 5 clappers
(a) Action, Action, Action
(b) Strong cast
(c) Personal and professional jokes (references to old movies)

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One Response to A Look Back: Expendables 3

  1. Gabby says:

    I have two dartboards in VA. The good kind, professional quality. You better not be throwing knives at it.

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