30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 21

Turkey day is getting closer still! Today, I want to acknowledge something that happens every year during the holidays that a lot of people take for granted: Potlucks.

A successful potluck takes group effort, and I’ve been a part of a family that takes potluck gatherings beyond chips and drinks. Sometimes, and I do remember this happening a few times in my childhood, everyone will bring a special dish, and no one will have drinks covered and/or there’s not enough napkins, nobody brought chips and dip…. Those were always the fun parties. Someone’s running to the store to buy sodas and juice because all there was at the house was coffee, tea, and water. *laughs* Oh fun times.

Since I’ve been old enough to partake in potlucks, there’s usually a lack of interest or everyone wants to eat, but no one really brings anything special to the table. There’ll be too many chips and drinks and desserts but not enough “meat” in the meal. Because of these occasions, whenever I say, “I’m going to host a potluck.” I list out everything that I’m going to prepare. I’ve been to several company potlucks, and they usually start off strong, but after a few events, they die down. I love when a company only does potlucks during feasting holidays.

I’m coming to you with a belly full of good food, as I crashed my husband’s company potluck. The way I see it, I made the deviled eggs for the lunch (to save the embarrassment of him bringing steamed veggies), and I knew he’d be too shy to bring home leftovers. He did ask if I could join, and I was given the nod of approval. They know how to do the potluck justice! There was salad, sweet potato, mac-n-cheese, mashed potato and gravy, turkey, ham, freshly fried wings, three (not just one!) different pies, cranberry sauce, rolls, drinks, stuffing (or dressing), and there was pulled pork too.

It’s a blessing in disguise when you have co-workers who’ll bring not just store-bought food stuff but who’ll make a dish or two (or three in the case of the pies) and bring it all in with a smile on their face. I’ve always enjoyed making food and seeing people enjoy what I made, and today’s potluck lunch was extremely enjoyable. I even brought home leftovers of mashed potatoes and pulled pork. I would’ve grabbed some ham and turkey and pie, but I didn’t have enough room in my container.

I look forward to more pleasant potlucks in the future. I missed out on my company’s Halloween potluck, but I heard only great things about it. Next time, I won’t do deviled eggs… Though I think once I’ve made them, everyone expects me to do it again. *laughs* (I’m not bragging by any means!)

I’m grateful for potlucks. It’s a great opportunity to hang out with people, eat food I didn’t make, and a chance to have leftovers for dinner or lunch the next day!

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