30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 20

The month is slowly but surely coming to a close, and on this 20th day of November, I’ve been brought down to my knees, remembering all those I’ve lost. While I may have acknowledged them once before, there are still some things left unsaid about everyone who have left this life for the next. I’m glad they’re not experiencing the decline of humanity (to a degree), and many of them are no longer suffering. Yet, there’s a part of me (and I know others feel the same way) that aches for them to be here in the present life to tell me that everything’s going to be all right. Today is for my guardian angels.

Tita Olga, Daddy Pepot, Lolo Ming, Lolo Mario, Lolo Tinoy, Lolo Eding, Lola Naty, Lola Paula, George, Eleanor, Mommy Emma, Mauwi….

I really don’t want to go into it, but I’m grateful for all the memories, good and bad and ugly. It’s been almost 20 years years since Tita Ol passed, yet I can still see and hear pieces of her. As long as I have my memories, their lights will continue to burn in this lifetime.

Many of them actually died in the month of November (varying years, naturally), which kind of makes this month a torn one for me. I love November for Thanksgiving, but I loathe November for taking away so many of my loved ones. Always an inner battle of positive and negative. What would life be without the ups and downs, right? Boring. That’s what it would be. Boring.

Thank you for all the stories, the laughs, the lectures, the companionship, and the lessons.

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