30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 19

Day 19, and this may seem really shallow of me, but I’m thankful for my car. Before you start laughing and criticizing, let me explain myself.

My first vehicle was a 1995 Honda Odyssey. Yes, I drove a “mini van” in high school, but it didn’t have sliding doors. If/When Dessa (the name of the van) was unavailable for me to drive to school, I either drove Silver (Chevy Silverado, full cab, full bed), Roader (Ford F250 super duty off roader, diesel, full cab, full bed with hard cap), or Civil (Honda Civic, 4-door). As much as I liked driving the pick-up trucks and feeling like I was showing off at the high school, I preferred Civil, as I could squeeze into spots the trucks couldn’t fit in.

I was originally begging my parents to let me have Dessa, but she went to my older cousin. So, I started begging for Civil. After a bad hiccup in my life and after I graduated from college in 2010, I got Civil, who was at the time 9 years old. I trusted Civil because I knew how my parents treated their vehicles; regular oil changes, regular tire rotations, etc, etc. I drove Civil in TN ice storms, I drove her from TN to CA. She survived the salty air in Pismo Beach, and the sand storm(s) between CA and NV. She has now survived two summer heat waves in the Vegas desert, and at 13 years old (turning 14 soon), she’s still kicking and getting better mileage than I could ever ask for. (I’m averaging 30 miles per tank.)

If it wasn’t for my Civil (Thank you to my parents for handing her to me), I wouldn’t have made it out to California. I wouldn’t have had a vehicle to pick up Syren that dark night, driving from Los Osos to the outskirts of Arroyo Grande. I wouldn’t have been able to visit Las Vegas and eventually moved to Vegas.

This car has been through hell and back, and she’s still my baby. She puts up with Duke and Syren at the same time, deals with forgotten shoes and heels, and both the desert day heat and freezing nights.

I love my car. She’s always been Civil with me and what I put her through, and I’ll take care of her and drive her until she gives out and must be taken to the vehicular graveyard.

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