30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 15

Halfway through the month now, and I’d like to acknowledge my “mommy friends”. They have shared their “horror” stories, pictures, excitement, and experiences with me whether I asked for it (my new mommy friends) or not (my old mommy friends who voluntarily spit up stories and advice).

  • Michelle: For letting me – virtually – join in the “joys” of have twin boys and a sweet and caring girl. I enjoy our funny and frantic conversations full of laughs, tears, and “oh really?” moments.
  • Jenny: For allowing me to join in the “at home” lessons with a toddler.
  • Celeste: For showing me the strength a mother can have under certain circumstances and not giving up on yourself when others begin to doubt you. You’re one strong lady, no matter what others may have thought.
  • Ashley: For letting me pop my head in once in a while to check on those two wonderful, handful blondies.
  • Kayla: For allowing me to get my good luck charm and practice with the little redhead.

Without my “mommy friends”, I wouldn’t have any immediate consultants to run to (or live vicariously through) for each stage of raising a child… except, of course, for my aunts and uncles, lolas and lolos, and my parents. My “mommy friends” are showing me the challenges of raising a kid (or multiple) in today’s society, and because of them, I’ve been adjusting and re-adjusting my plans as a future mother. (Nothing yet. My husband and I are still trying!) While I have older cousins with children, we rarely able to really talk, and my “mommy friends” fill in the gaps when I have questions.

There are so many other ladies out there I know I’m forgetting, but it’s getting late, and I could go on for hours on this one. I miss you all and thank you for all the information… *coughs* intel… into the raising of a child this day and age. From infant to … oh my goodness, it just sank in that your eldest is now a teen, Celeste! Where has time gone?… Thank you for letting me be part of your lives.

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