30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 11

Day 11, and I’m thankful for my itchy foot. When I say that I mean that in a figurative way. I’m blessed and lucky to be able to call myself a seasoned traveler. While I yet to fulfill my bucket list items of traveling to Europe and Africa and mainland Asia, I can say that I’ve seen more of the world than many people I know. (Mostly thanks to my parents for giving me the chance to do all the traveling that I’ve done.)

I’ve been stranded in Taipei, Taiwan, with my mom for three days; not to mention, Juneau, Alaska, in the airport. I’ve been on a cross-country train ride with my mom that took five total days to get from North Carolina to California. I learned how to play poker and gamble with pennies on that train ride. I learned how to eat like a real Foodie in New York City and San Francisco, and I learned what would happen if you try to walk through a casino as an 8-year-old kid with a bucket of quarters that you and your dad were going to spend in the arcade on the other side of the casino floor.

Every time I seemingly got restless, my parents had me scheduled to go traveling to a new city, a new state, a new town, and even back on a plane to the Philippines. As I got older, I became more “itchy” to travel. I wanted to explore more of my cities. Washington DC became a wonderful playground. NYC was all mine for a whole week without any guardians, though I had to attend seven plays as part of a college course.

When I moved to California, I explored Morro Bay, Los Osos, Pismo Beach, Atascadero, Shell Beach, Arroyo Grande, Avila Beach, San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles (all these cities/towns are part of Central Coast, CA). Syren and I went hiking all over the place, and I got a whole new appreciation for nature and the peace and quiet it presented me. Then, I land in Vegas….

While my husband and I only go to the Strip on occasion, I’ve gotten to see a whole other side of Sin City that many people don’t even acknowledge, and I haven’t even punctured through the first layer yet!

Needless to say, while my husband managed to plant my feet to take root, I still have high hopes of future travels. Rome and London, Athens and Lisbon, Cairo and even Phuket, all call to me as if they were sirens and I a sailor floating on driftwood. They beckon to my stomach to eat as Andrew Zimmern (Bizarre Foods) and to explore as Anthony Bourdain (No Reservations). They even tease me with their forms of literature and art. *growls* Just you wait! I’ll travel the world yet!

Thank you to my parents for setting that part of me on fire!

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