Random Thought: House of Blues

I feel as it I’ve hit the jackpot. Tomorrow (Saturday, November 8) night – after a little over 20 years since my first audio experience of “Black Magic Woman” – I get to experience the legend himself at the House of Blues in Las Vegas. My husband bought tickets last year for a concert happening tomorrow night because he learned that I’ve been itching and missing out on my guitar icon… Carlos Santana. *bows head*

Yes, this is an experience of a lifetime for me, and since I was ten when I first heard the strumming of his guitar, I wasn’t cleared to go to any of his concerts, as he played in mostly locations designated for the 21 and over crowd. (BOO….) When I was living in Pismo Beach, I learned that he was performing at the Chumash Casino. Alas, I couldn’t get my ex to go, so I missed out on that concert. I know, my ex sounds like a boring guy. Looking back… he was, and I hit the jackpot when I landed my husband after such a boring couch potato. [round of applause for my husband, please.]

So, as I’m staring at my ticket, I noticed something. “Table 14″… I raced to the almighty Google. *bows head* I looked up the layout of the House of Blues for when Santana comes into town, and this is what I found:



See that GREEN star? That’s “Table 14″… aka… My husband surprised me YET AGAIN! Not only do I get to see Santana live in concert, I may get a chance to smell his cologne… or get his attention… or get a guitar pick thrown at me… I just want to shake the man’s hand! *hand shaking from nerves* Ladies and gentlemen… Elle’s going to meet one of her musical idols. *bows head*

I can’t thank my husband enough for getting me this early Christmas and Birthday present. When he told me he bought these tickets (he told me about 2-3 nights after he bought them), I told him that he’s not allowed to buy me a Christmas 2014 or Birthday 2015 present(s). Period. No but’s, if’s, or’s, no strings attached. He’s scratched off THREE of my bucket list items 100% alone. (1. Hot air balloon ride, 2. Zip line, 3. Carlos Santana *bows head*) I believe the man deserves to not get me presents for a while. Don’t you agree?

Seeing how I’m out of ways I can possibly thank him, I’m reaching out to you, my community of supporters. Leave a comment, telling him “thank you” for me because I’ve said it so many times, and it just doesn’t seem like it’s enough.

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