No Shave November

It’s already eight days into 2014’s NO SHAVE NOVEMBER. I heard on the radio this morning that 83% of women actually prefer some kind of a beard on a man versus a clean-shaven gentleman. Personally, I’ve always liked a little scruff. I mean, c’mon! Just look at the actors I prefer…

Statham’s always got the 6 o’clock shadow going, and that’s enough for me!

Norton’s facial hair was a trigger for me back in the day.

Why, yes, even Sirius Black’s Oldman had my fancy.

Guy Pierce has always gotten my eyes to turn with a little scruff on his jaw.

Last but NEVER the least, my all-time, “too few and far between” bearded shots of my secret (now public) figurative love affair with

Cool Hand Luke himself, Paul Newman.

*bows head* & *wipes a tear from eye*

There’s just something more gruff and rough and “protect me in your arms” about a man with a beard. Even if it’s a hint of a beard. My husband freaks me out every time he takes a razor to his face. I’ve seen him tame a full beard into fine lines that could challenge an artist drawing a straight line! He even got my Lola (grandmother) ask him how he shaves such straight lines on his face. *laughs*

My husband is – as usual – participating in NO SHAVE NOVEMBER, and just to be fair, he shaved what he did have on November 1, so I could have a “Day 1: Clean Shaven” to be my “control”. I’ve been taking pictures of him every other day since, and I’m going to put together a little slide show at the end of this month to show the progress. Something always fun going on over here at our house.

The catch: I know how irritating it is for him to have beard hair on his neck, so I am allowing him to shave his neck during the month. I don’t want him to irritate and scratch his neck raw before Holiday pictures are taken. However, he’s 100% not allowed to touch his beard jaw line and up. JUST HIS NECK can be touched. For you ladies who may not understand and think it’s cheating, get a stiff bristle brush and just lightly set it on your neck and leave it there for a good 10 minutes. I promise you, you’ll want to touch it within 5 minutes. I know because I was laughing at him when we were dating, and he gave me a comparison/test. I did not make it passed 2 minutes.


After: NOV 1

So, stay tuned for updates on my husband’s NO SHAVE NOVEMBER progress. For now, here’s his October 31 and November 1 – aka Before and After shots.


Before: OCT 31

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