30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 6

Day 6, and this will be a quick one. This day goes out to my longest, oldest friend(s). The ones who have know me since high school. They have seen my lowest of low and some of my really insane moments, and yet, for some strange reason, they’ve stuck by me. Even with an entire country separating us, they’ve always been ready to lend me their (virtual) shoulder and shared their laughs and tears with me. They each know the small things they do for me, but my dear friends really do need to get acknowledged more often and in a more public setting.

Michelle with 2 of her 3 kidlings. 2014

Michelle – mother of 3 (2 of which are twin boys) – thank you for sharing your kids with me. I get to watch them grow up and be pen pals to the sweetest little girl in the world (who’s not related to me). Also, for being my random wake up text message buddy at 4:00am. *laughs*

Jennifer doing her maid of honor duties for Elle’s wedding. 2014

Jennifer – my lovable, “eternally” my maid of honor – thank you for showing me how a workaholic really lives and for being available to my venting and random chit-chats nearly 24/7. I do need to visit the Coca-Cola Factory in ATL, don’t I? I’ve also found a restaurant I want to go check out with you. From picking me up at the airport to planning out my bachelorette party, you’re forever in my heart.

Celeste and Elle. 2014

Celeste – displaced in the state of tremors and tornadoes (Oklahoma) – thank you for also sharing your kids with me. No longer babies, I get to experience early teens through you and yours! I’m so not jealous, but I am at the same time. Thank you for also popping up randomly in my city for an impromptu visit!

Ashley with her two boys. 2013

Ashley – my first blonde friend – thank you for setting the bar high for all blondes who enter my life. So far, none have been able to fill your void. Spunky, smart, motherly, and both angelic and demonic, it’s really hard to find someone like you. Then, you produce 2 adorable little boys who look and sound like they’re as sweet and sour as their mama! *smiles* Thank you for being the inspiration behind “Mallory” and for Ethan being the image behind “Joe”. Psst, I still remember that we were 2 of the 3 who survived the “Survivor: Myrtle Beach edition”. I think I still have that shirt at my parents’ house. *laughs*

Elle with Zack “Oz”. 2004

Lastly, and one who will never cease being my little “big” brother – no matter how long we’ve gone without talking or seeing each other – Zack, aka “Oz”. You also set the bar pretty high for any guy who wanted to be my friend. You were the first to actually match me stride for stride in sarcasm and twisted humor, and you were the first of my friends to force me into a verbal filter, which stuck until I left Virginia. I miss my Jewish brother from another mother, and I miss your mom too! Thank you for putting up with my craziness for all those years.

I don’t make friends very easily nowadays, and it’s because I’ve had such wonderful friends since high school that it’s hard to open myself up to people I know who are simply fair weather type of friends. I’ve been blessed and privileged to have friends who have seen my good days, my bad hours, and my ugly minutes, and I’m so lucky to be able to say that. Do you have friends like that? I hope you do.

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