Day of the Dead: Celeb “Zombie” Game

In honor of Halloween and Dia de Muertos, Elle’s Hub, JC Network, and Rachel’s Corner got together and did the Short Stack Story Time version of the “Zombie” Game, something similar to “Kiss, F***, Marry” but with “Alive, Turned, Dead”. How it works:

  • Alive: Person’s breathing, living, fighting, and not infected.
  • Turned: Worse than being dead, as you die, return as a Zombie, and can die again at the hands of those alive.
  • Dead: Person died before or during the first wave that turned people into Zombies. In other words, not even strong enough to survive.

We targeted well-known names, such as Hollywood celebs, politicians, athletes, writers, fictional characters, and we opened the doors for both living and dead. This is our fictional world of Zombie Apocalypse after all. So, are you ready to see who we agreed on and who we believe would be “Alive, Turned, or Dead”? Read on! Read on!


First up:

Angelina Jolie

Elle:  Jesse:  Rachel: 


Bill Murray

Elle:  Jesse:  Rachel: 


Darth Vader

Elle:  Jesse:  Rachel: 


Leonardo DiCaprio

Elle:  Jesse:  Rachel: 

(We all agreed that the man needs an oscar!)


Michael Bay

Elle:  Jesse:  Rachel: 


Olivia Munn

Elle:  Jesse:  Rachel: 


Hermione Granger

Elle:  Jesse:  Rachel: 


Patrick Stewart

Elle:  Jesse:  Rachel: 

(Elle & Rachel at Jesse: “How dare you!”
Jesse: “Payback for Jar Jar Binks!”)


Nathan Fillion

Elle:  Jesse:  Rachel: 

(All together: Bring back, Firefly!)


Jar Jar Binks

Elle:  Jesse:  Rachel:  

(Jesse: “But he saved Naboo!”)

There’s our random ten “celebs”. We actually went through a lot more, such as Katniss Everdeen (not Jennifer Lawrence) and Kim Kardashian – both ladies got three  – and Lance Armstrong and Amanda Bynes – both got three  – and surprisingly, we even had Gary Busey and Muhammad Ali – both got three . What about the team of Short Stack Story Time? We dealt cards out for ourselves, though there may have been some bias. Here’s how we fared in this little game of ours:

Elle in blueElle: 


jesse greenElle: 


rachel in redElle: 

*Unanimous due to her science brain. *laughs*

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