Love Is Dead

The aged professor quotes “Freedom’s without a path”.
Now, he dresses like a widow and preaches “love is dead” in every class.

I was listening to this song today by one of the revolutionaries of hip-hop culture. His name was Eyedea, and he was taken from this world way before his time. The lyric comes from a song titled, “Smile”. It’s a song that emphasizes the need to be able to bounce back no matter what life throws at us.

The main quote I look at is “Love is dead”. Nowadays, it does seem that in many ways love has died. True love has been left to the authors and the screenwriters. Our idea of love has been constrained to the magic found in stories such as The Notebook. Our fairy tale mindset has skewed our perception of what true love feels like. Love to us has to be something grandiose and nearly unreachable. It’s seen as a once in a lifetime feeling that you can only share with one person. I think the world has lost its way chasing this impractical love. Not all of us are able to provide such a happy go lucky story for the ones we have come to love. The sad part is we all know the simplicity of love. We all know how easy it can be to give, and that unfortunately, it ‘s so hard for many of us to attain.

I, myself, have been in this struggle for years. People say that there is a large difference between love and infatuation. When it really comes down to it, infatuation is just a smaller form of love. I can honestly say that I have loved every woman I have been involved with. It may have not been an earth shattering and life changing love. It may have not been the “I want to spend the rest of my life with you” love. My truth is that whether the love lasts for ten minutes or ten years, it is true. No matter how small the connection you have to recognize it for what it is, it is true. When the world realizes that love should not be constrained to fairy tales and society produced norms, then we will begin to feel what true love is.

© Jesse Cole Short Stack Story Time 2014

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