Random Thought: Voodoo Zipline

October 5 was my husband and my 6-month anniversary, and since we did stuff that weekend (Art in the Park), this weekend – this Saturday, rather – is all about us… again. It’s always nice to do stuff as husband & wife, and I’m extremely happy that he puts up with my insanity.

After getting my nails done and eating Port of Subs, we’re hitting up Regal Entertainment to watch Dracula Untold. Following the movie, we’re going to check out Downtown Summerlin. Then, it’s time to face off with one of my phobias… heights… with the help of the Voodoo Zip Line at the Rio Hotel & Casino.

Am I scared? YES! I’m bloody terrified! I mean, Look at the height of this thing!

I need to put this into perspective…

Voodoo Zipline


Yep, I think I just puked a little. *laughs* I’m okay! I’ll be okay! It’s only a lap strap of a belt that’s going to be keeping me in the tandem seat… flying through the air… 400 feet off the ground… reaching speeds of 30+ MPH… My husband is laughing at my utter fear of this thing.

Well, in a little under 12 hours, I’ll be able to scratch off another item on my bucket list, and hopefully, scratch off a phobia. HOPEFULLY! I know my husband is praying this will work. He wants me to ride roller coasters with him. *gulp* & *shiver*

I’ll do blurb about the experience at a later date. Until then….

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