Living Healthy: “More Like Guidelines”

CodeYou can surf the Internet and find so many lists of varying opinions as to what you can do to live a healthy life, and the basic understanding is to “eat right and work out”. I’ve done my share of reading lists and articles and magazines, and I’ve tried my share of diets and work outs and detox binges. To tell you the truth, there is no right or wrong, there is not 100% fool-proof method, and there is definitely no set code. As The Pirates of the Caribbean mocked, “they’re more like guidelines than rules,” so is living healthy. Here’s my 2-cent list on the matter, and you’ll see a lot of these on multiple lists. Again, this is what works for me, and your body and my body are not the same, so I recommend to try and find what works for you.


  1. Stop going to fast food restaurants
  2. Stop buying processed, ready-made food
  3. No chips as snacks
  4. No refined sugar snacks or desserts
  5. No soda, including diet soda
  6. No coffee
  7. Drink green tea at least once a day
  8. Reduce red meat intake
  9. Eat more salmon
  10. Don’t eat after 8:00pm
  11. Sleep a full 7 to 8 hours
  12. Pack lunches
  13. Drink water… pretty much 24/7
  14. Work out for 30 minutes a day, 5 to 6 days a week
  15. Put down the phone during meals and work outs
  16. Weigh yourself in the morning, not at night
  17. Eat small, regular meals – 3 meals plus snacks
  18. Lessen salt intake

In all seriousness, my husband and I are working on losing weight. Our biggest stop was fast food and processed food. When we dropped those two things, we started losing weight. There’s no soda, candy, chips, or coffee in our house. We pack our lunches daily, using leftovers from dinner the night before. I’ve stopped using salt in my cooking for the most part. My husband’s snacks revolve around apples, grapes, celery, carrots, and snap peas. We do eat Cheez-its, but it’s the only “junk” like food we eat. To reward ourselves, we do get ice cream on occasion. We have sushi dates and/or steak dates once a month. My husband is slowly progressing on the elliptical, jumping on it for 20 minutes after getting home from work, and follows it up with a 10-15 minute walk with the dogs (which is more like jogging) around the neighborhood. I had to stop the elliptical (I was getting motion sickness) and have since jumped on the Zumba bandwagon, along with walking the dogs. You may think we’re pansies, but we get plenty of sleep as we’re in bed almost every night by 8:30pm, but we talk until around 9:30pm. (We’re also up by 6:00am)

The hardest thing to get into: Weighing in the morning instead of at night. I promise you, you will get depressed if you weigh yourself at night. Think about it: You just ate dinner and probably lounging and relaxing before bed. Worse time to step on a scale.

Again, the list is what my husband and I do. It’s not 100% guaranteed that it’ll work for you, but no harm, no foul in giving it a shot, right?



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