JC Network: Introduction

This week is starting off with a big “WELCOME” sign here at Short Stack Story Time. This week, we’re welcoming an old friend of mine into our little virtual community. I’ve know this guy for going on 10 years, and he’s had his share of life’s curve balls. I know he’s been hit more than a couple of times, as he forgot to duck or step back, but he always bounces back to hit a home run when it comes to literature. He’s been needing a “home” for his literary work, and after years of keeping my offer open for him, he’s accepted to let his literature be shared with the world.

Jesse Cole is still  young in the eyes of life, but his poetry reveals something older than what he really is. He’s an old soul when it comes to literature, and don’t let his connection with his emotions fool you. He’s got a big heart and a big brain to boot. He feels deep and thinks deep at the same time. There are some conversations that I stop myself from making fun of him over his emotional rantings because he mixes in some philosophical jargon that just blows me out of the water.

After almost 10 years of being a witness to his rise and fall and rise again, fall again in life, I’m proud to still call him my “little brother” and my friend. I’m happy that after swearing off writing, he’s returned “home” and is writing again. As he figures out the every day happenings of his life, he’s agreed to give us all a small insight to what goes through his head in the form of an online “journal” of sorts. He’s also going to share a piece of his heart through his poetry and his darker, more brooding side with his short stories. He may even reveal his inner most thinking under his miscellaneous section.

I do know that with everything he’s planning to share on JC Network, he’d like to get feedback from his readers. He’s tired of just hearing my thoughts on his pieces, as I’m the only one who will really give him creative criticism.

In the end of it all, I’m happy he’s signed on with Short Stack Story Time. I believe he will thrive and eventually branch off on his own. (As a big sister, I hope he will spread his wings and fly from the nest in the future.) Until that day comes, I’m extremely proud to sponsor the original literary works of Jesse Cole at JC Network.

Stick around, and you’ll get to see what he’s all about.

– Elle

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2 Responses to JC Network: Introduction

  1. A.J. says:

    Looking foward to reading his material!

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