Home Away From Home

Introduction: I started writing poetry in 1998, and when I started, I was a believer in rhyme and rhythm. As time wore on, I got away from that belief and my writing took a turn for the darker side of life. I was raised in a Roman Catholic household, and when I was younger, I didn’t question anything the Church told me. I had an extremely idealistic point of view in literature. I was still a student of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Walt Whitman (the happier poems), along with Oliver Wendell Holmes and William Wordsworth. With that, this is one of my earliest pieces ever written.


“Home Away From Home”
(my maiden name)

There is a place far away,
That loves us in every way.
It welcomes us with a soothing song;
And we know that we belong,
To the house of open arms, that is home away from home.

There is a white light,
That shines so bright.
It leads us the way through our fears;
And shows us the goodness in our old years.
This is our house of light, that is home away from home.

There is a certain warmth around us,
That holds us without a fuss.
It remembers us through the years;
And comforts us from our tears,
That house of love, that is home away from home.

There is a special life,
That blows in a fife.
It blows and blows ‘til it stops;
And takes us home to the tops.
Takes us home to Heaven, that is home away from home.

© GMDG 1999

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