Random Thought: Thunder Buddy 2

It’s thundering and raining, and I’m having to deal with the dogs at home. Allow me to give you an idea as to the size of my dogs….


Though the picture is a bit pixelated, I’m sitting on my knees with Duke (left) and Syren (right). I’m currenly recovering from the pair of them jumping on to my lap (at the same time) as I was sitting in my computer chair writing an article for Short Stack Story Time. Needless to say, the computer chair went toppling backwards. I instinctively tucked myself into a ball over the dogs. Syren leaped out of harm’s way before the chair hit the floor, but Duke curled himself into my ball. When the chair landed, my head – thankfully – didn’t whiplash, my back was protected by the back of the computer chair, and my knees – luckily – didn’t hit the desk. The only injury was to my toes and a few light bruises on my thighs from the dogs’ pouncing on me. (My toes did hit the desk. Good thing I cut my toe nails last night!)

The only thing that kept going through my head as my heart thumped away with Duke licking my face and Syren crying and circling me in worry: “Thank God I’m not pregnant.”

I had to hold on to Duke as I was rolling over to get up from the floor. He wouldn’t let go of me and was shaking so bad from the thunder and the fall. Thankfully, we’re all okay now. I was so mad at them in the beginning, and Syren knew she did something that hurt me, she’s been trying to comfort me by bringing me her toys. Duke, I think, is too scared to realize that he endangered me. At this moment, he’s curled up under my feet as I regain my position at my computer desk.

Does the “thunder blanket/jacket” work for dogs? I’ve been hesitant about getting one, but I’m really considering getting Duke one. Advice?

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