Random Thought: Exercise

“Work it! You can do it! Just a little longer!” This was me yesterday morning when I was on the elliptical in the garage. Afterwards, I felt like crud. I believed that working out in the morning was a good thing for me. I learned after 2 days of doing it that it’s the worse thing for me. For 2 days, I was in a yucky mood. I felt like I was going to puke the whole day, and I couldn’t shake the feeling off. I was completely miserable!

So, I started working out in the afternoons (after work, before dinner), and I’ll be… I’m not feeling that hurling feeling. I really did believe the whole “5am is the best time to work out” saying that I’ve been hearing around the medical and fitness world. I’m starting to think that it really depends on the person’s body.

When do you work out? Have you discovered that you can’t work out at a certain time? (I hope it’s not just me!)

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