Advice: Road Tripping with Dog(s) – POV Syren

Syren here, and I want to give every pet mommy and daddy some pointers on long car rides with puppies like me. I don’t mean little snack puppies either… well, they do count, but I’m talking about big puppies. This is for the pet mommies and daddies with smaller cars not big, roomy SUV’s, but some of my pointers would count for them too. I’ll just give you my pointers now.

  1. happy in the car with mommyAlways have a designated space for me… for puppy… uh… for big puppy.
    • The front seat is no place for us. We don’t fare so well if/when the airbags go off. If it’s the only place you have for us, be sure to buckle us in. We won’t like it, but we can’t be moving around in the front seat, giving our mommy/daddy driver distractions from paying attention to the road.
    • If possible, give us the whole back seat move around and get comfy.
  2. stay seatedPlease give me air. I like air!
    • We don’t need the window to be completely down.
    • If you don’t want us hanging out the window, just crack it enough that we can stick our nose out and smell the weird smells of the road.
    • Once you hit a certain speed (65+MPH), please close the window(s). The wind whistling in through the window does hurt our sensitive ears. Some puppies get very sensitive and end up car sick from just the sound.
      • If/When you do close the windows: Be sure to have at least ONE air vent pointed at me. My mommy points the two middle vents toward the back, and she always sits in the back seat for a minute before driving to make sure Duke and I can feel the air.
  3. Water. Like you, we do like to wet our tongues.
    • My mommy has this cup carrier thingy in the back, where she can put a cup of water, and it doesn’t spill. I don’t always drink when the car is moving, but it’s nice to know that it’s there when I need it.
    • If you don’t have a secure place for an open water cup, it’s okay. See #5.
  4. Regular stops. My pointers are for long distance car rides. We puppies – no matter what size – need regular pit stops just like you.
    • Between Pismo Beach, CA, and Las Vegas, NV, Mommy stopped twice for me. It’s a 6-hour ride, but she made it a point to stop every 2 hours and walk me around for 30 minutes. Yes, it took me that long to find a potty spot I was comfortable with.
    • 15-30 minutes pit stops is enough for us to stretch our legs, go potty, and get our bearings straight before getting back into the car, but…
    • Pit stops are the perfect time for #5, which makes pit stops a little longer.
  5. getting my fillFood, snacks, treats, and more WATER!
    • During our pit stops, my mommy took the time to set up food and water for me. She says, it’s worth taking the extra time to make sure I’m comfy, so she doesn’t have to hear me complaining during the ride.
      • She gave me 1/2 serving of my usual food, but if I didn’t want it, she offered me 2 cookies (Large Milkbones).
      • She also made sure I drank water and made sure it wasn’t the stuff sitting in the car during the rides. Fresh water during pit stops help puppies like me go potty sooner… so let us stretch our legs and try to go potty early in the pit stop, feed and water us, then let us (try to, at least) go potty before settling back in the car.
  6. Music or conversation during long rides comforts us too.
    • I’m picky when it comes to music. I don’t let mommy listen to heavy music when I’m in the car. I don’t like it. I like soft music, and I like it when mommy talks to me while driving.
    • Keep the volume up front or low. Again, our ears are more sensitive then your ears, and we don’t like loud music echoing in the back seat. Either adjust the sound setting so music is only in the front seats or keep it low.

That’s pretty much all I’ve got. Mommy’s got a few extra bits, but I think she wants to get her research done first. Something about what to do when your puppy’s a sensitive rider… gets all motion or car sick, and how to deal with stressed/distressed puppies in the car. Here’s a few pictures that I want to share!

back seat sillies

Being silly

We're going to the park!

We’re going to the park!

Moving sucks!

Moving sucks!

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