Random Thought: Thunder Buddy

Last night, I spent half the night snuggling with Duke, my husband’s greyhound-basenji-pitbull mix. He’s 8 years old and terrified of thunder storms and fireworks. All I know: I woke up to my husband’s angry voice tsk-ing and griping about something, and I open my eyes to find Duke up on my pillow, shaking. Next thing I know, there’s a flash of light and scary, heavy rain, complete with HAIL! Every time lightning flashed, I squeezed Duke, and eventually, he stopped shaking and fell asleep in my arms. I must confess: I was scared out of my wits when the hail started slamming against the windows. I’ve been through hail but not in the desert. It sounds freaky and unreal!

Nevertheless, I had a thunder buddy last night, and I’m hoping it’s not the same tonight. As nice as it was to have Duke to cuddle with, I’d like to sleep without my arms and face wet with doggy drool from him licking me out of fear.

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