Princess & Pol

Here’s another blast from my past. It’s a poem about my family’s two German Shepherd Dogs… the two that led to my adopting Syren. They were complete opposites! Princess was soft and gentle, an old soul with a streak of mean, while Polgas “Pol” was always the wild child. Loyal… but a wild child.


“Princess & Pol”
(my maiden name)

Spoiled-rotten yet so free
Rolling in the grass without a single worry or care
So loyal, then again, so demonic
Living the moment and the moment alone
Willing to meet new people
That’s Princess for the world

*   *   *   *   *

Opposites – playful, annoying, loveable
Forever hungry, never doubting
Playing catch… catch the chicken
Listening, obeying; oh yes, and hungry—
Always looking for food!

© GMDG 2003


Background: I was in the sixth grade when my dad’s patient and her husband invited us over to their house. It was December, and they showed us the new litter of German Shepherd pups that was born a few weeks earlier. I pointed at this big, round fluff running up to me and said, “I want it.” They told us he was the runt of the litter and that they’d be glad to give him to me as a Christmas gift. A week later, my dad and I went back and picked him up, and on the way home, I gave him his name: Polgas Apo. Polgas – after my favorite Filipino comic book character (a dog that behaved like a human, complete with the special agent persona… think Perry the Platypus of Phineas and Ferb.) – and Apo – after my favorite Filipino vocal trio, Apo Hiking Society. My dad told me that Polgas is fitting because… translated into English, Polgas meant “bag of fleas”… which poor Pol was when we picked him up. That’s how we got Polgas “Pol” Apo. Three years later, the same people told us that they needed a home for Princess as she was past her prime for breeding, but they wanted her to have a comfortable “retirement”. I begged my parents. A few days later, my parents brought her home. She was the first dog I’d ever seen cry real tears. That’s how we got Princess.

Princess and Pol

Princess (left) RIP 2005 and Polgas “Pol” Apo (right) RIP 2011. That’s me (Elle) with them!

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