Dracula Collection

Background: I’m going through my collection of poetry that I wrote “back in the day”. 99% my “old” poetry have never been seen by public, and I believe that ought to change. I ran into this “Dracula Collection” and all of the pieces were dated (written) in 2002, which feels like a century ago to me. “Dracula Collection” consists of four poems, short in length, and I honestly don’t remember why I wrote them. What I do remember of that year (2002), I gave into my curiosity about Count Dracul… Dracula… Vlad, the Impaler… and immersed myself into the dark history and the twisted tales of the myth, the legend, and the historical figure. Other than that, well, I’ll let you decide.


“Dracula Collection”
(my maiden name)

“Death by Decision”

Feed the hungry flame
That burns only with desire
For agony, blood, and pain
For a murderer, a thief, a liar

Choose an angel of death
Your liking or mine own
Slowly burn or metal quick
Finish life with a silent moan

Death be near
Life far away
All souls are slaves of mine
And do as I say

© GMDG 2002

“Power of the D.A.” ¹

I am the right hand of Dracul
I am feared by every fool

My strength is more than a thousand strong
And my life is ever, eternal long

Death be quick by me alone
For every cry, I claim a bone

For hungry is the heart for blood
No use for begging, I find it crud

For I am the right hand of Dracul
And I am feared by every fool

© GMDG 2002

“Victim’s Plead”

For all my wrongs
I right them now
As for my faith
To God, I bow

The strength of men
I do not need
Vlad’s thirsty heart
I now must heed

Sorry am I
For now I must pay
At Vlad’s hands, my life is set
And to the dear Lord, I pray

Save my soul
My wicked life be saved
From the cruel hands of those
That human blood is craved

© GMDG 2002

“From a Different View” ²

The world seems so new from here
Up high and mighty, I see it clear

Over yonder, my lonely house stands
Amongst my father’s bounty lands

I wronged the prince of royal birth
Now, I am but a laugh around his girth

Heaven looks so dark and far away
Hell is just a slide down, I dare say

Now, I see the world in a different view
And my blood is not red but a black hue

My prince, I beg of your kindness
Forgive me of my evil darkness

Help me from this unknown destination
I beg of you, give me sweet salvation

© GMDG 2002

¹ I’ve read this title and this poem several times over now, and I can only deduce that my younger self is referring to the Angel of Death in the title… “D.A.”… Death Angel (?) I wish I had written side notes back then, as now, I’m curious as to what in the world “D.A.” stands for! *laugh*

² Okay, this poem I cringe upon reading it now. *shiver* I had a very twisted mind writing this. This poem is referencing Vlad the Impaler’s tendency to impale his victims alive. He had perfected an impaling technique that somehow managed to keep the victim intact and alive for a few days; long enough for them to actually die of starvation instead of being impaled. I now recall that I wrote this after reading about Vlad impaling a farmer’s son just because the son was staring too long when his carriage rode by. The line “Hell is just a slide down” refers to how the impaled body slides down the pole the longer it’s upright. “And my blood is not red but a black hue” points out that the victim has been impaled long enough that his blood has dried on the pole. *shiver* How dark was I back then? Wow.

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