For Kittie,
My candle in the window during some of my darker days in Pismo Beach.
There will never be another like you.
My gratitude will never find its end for all did for me.
I miss you greatly and dearly.


by: Elle

You took me in when I was alone
You advised and consoled
And the lonely in me vanished
You encouraged and applauded
And the child in me matured

Your smile was always bright, comforting
As your excitement for life, always catching
Your gravity pulled even strangers to cheers
And your happiness, addicting and contagious
That even clouds seemed to part for sunshine

Though for you, a “thank you” was enough
The words do you no justice
For all you did for me, for others
Was more than words can truly cover
As you were more than just “Kittie”

© Elle Short Stack Story Time 2014


Background: Kittie Shaughnessy was a mother, grandmother, sister, who practically adopted not just me but Syren (my German Shepherd) during our time in Pismo Beach. I needed a dog sitter and advertised for one as my work required me to be away for 12-14 hours a day, and she knocked on my door with the biggest smile I had ever seen on anyone in Pismo Beach. A seasoned lady of the area, I was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to handle Syren’s hyperness, but as time went on, I learned that she mellowed my hyper puppy with the help of her little senior puppy, 13-year-old Sammi. Kittie and I became extremely close within a few weeks, and after a few months, when it was time for Syren and I to relocate to Las Vegas, we frequently spoke about weekend visits and such after we were both settled into our new homes. She was planning to join my wedding as my “surrogate California mother”, but things didn’t pan out as planned. Our last conversation was on April 25, 2014, and we were discussing plans on my husband and I taking our dogs, Duke and Syren, to Pismo Beach for a visit, and she told us to not even look for a hotel; she demanded that we stay her and Sammi at her house. I found out that she had passed away on May 6, 2014, while my husband and I were on our honeymoon. My heart broke as if she were truly a relative of mine…

Kittie was a bright light in Pismo Beach, and everyone who knew her, remembers her with fond memories. I know everyone misses her as much as and more than me. The lives she touched in life cry for the lost of her light, but we all smile, having the privilege in this life to have known her.


Kittie Shaughnessy
June 1950 – May 2014

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