Outlook: Writing

Earlier this week, I finished my Writing Children’s Books course. Writing has always been a passion of mine since I was in third grade, and after writing an adult novel, I realized that I didn’t want to do adult romance. (There’s only so much adult content one can really come up with without repetition.) As my husband and I are planning and trying for our first child, I decided to go in a totally different direction from my first novel and focus on helping our future offspring by writing children’s books. Not just for one age group but for all age group.

After talking with several of my friends, I’ve come to the conclusion that I should really start with Young Adult and work my way down. Though it would be going against my initial idea, I’ve come to realize that it would be for the best.

So, as a *Coming Soon* feature on Short Stack Story Time, I’ll be testing some pieces and pitches. Naturally, they’ll be copyrighted material, so don’t get any ideas. Who knows, I may just slip some passages of my already (self) published adult novel, The Donner Encounter. Either way, it’ll be a fun and interesting ride to come.

I hope you join me on it, and maybe you’ll find yourself in the pages of my book or short story one day. 🙂



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