Random Thought: Marriage & Babies

I woke up to 2 bits of great news, and as the whole world pretty much gets in on the band wagon, I just have 2 thoughts:

  1. Harris and BurtkaSo happy for Neil Patrick Harris. When I learned that my childhood crush was gay, I’ll admit I was torn, but when I started seeing pictures of his little family, I adored Neil and David (Burtka). I’m glad they finally got married! YAY marriage equality! However, Italy? Isn’t Italy slightly on the homophobic side of the marriage equality topic? Did the pair do it to spite – or shall I say, “Laugh in the face of” – politics? Regardless, I’m sure it was a beautiful ceremony.
  2. Duke-DuchessThe second thought triggers a bit of jealousy on my part, though I am happy to hear the news. It just seems like everyone I know and/or around me doesn’t seem to have a hard time getting pregnant… *sigh* The first thing I saw this morning on Facebook as an announcement that Prince William and Duchess Kate are expecting baby #2. It feels just like two months ago that they were celebrating baby George’s first birthday… good for them. I’m partially hoping that it’s a girl. I think Prince William would do wonders with a baby girl. Can you imagine how protected that princess would be? I’m guessing that Prince William and Kate weren’t really going to announce the pregnancy just yet, but I’m not surprised that they went ahead and beat the potential rumors from flying. I must admit, I like the way the royal pair deals with the public. It’s really quite admirable. (Praying for a girl! It’s due time that there’s a princess in line for the throne!)

I wonder what else is happened over the weekend….

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