A Look Back: Guardians of the Galaxy


Before I forget: My husband and I finally got to watch Guardians of the Galaxy! (I’m about 2 weeks late writing this, but hey! I won’t judge you if you don’t judge me!) I’m not going to give a full account of the movie as most critics/reviewers do. Instead, I’m going to give you my 2-cents on a few underrated characters. Yes, I’ll touch on a few of the main characters too, and no, I’m not going to take on Groot. Too many people have done something on Groot. Though I must confess, I – too – cried for Groot. *sniff* ***WARNING: THERE WILL BE SOME SPOILERS. SO, IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE MOVIE AND PLAN ON WATCHING, PLEASE STOP READING. THANK YOU. ***

To start, my husband and I loved this movie. We laughed, I got angry, we laughed, I cried (and he laughed at me); it was a roller coaster ride of emotional entertainment. We got a kick out of the soundtrack! We both love 80s music. The beginning was emotional and surreal, and I honestly thought it was unfair for young Peter Quill to get sucked up like that. However, I have to admit, I instinctively felt that it was destined to happen to Quill, and the end of the movie proved me right! (Yay!)

I’m jumping into my character analysis with THANOS! Voiced by Josh Brolin (everyone knows him from The Goonies or better yet No Country for Old Men or as Tom Chaney in the remake of True Grit), Thanos wasn’t really given his proper due – time wise – in this movie. He’s a scary bad son of a gun in the comic book universe, and when you put that with Brolin’s deep, penetrating voice… why did he (Thanos) seem like a wussy in Guardians of the Galaxy? *toss hands into the air* It was so frustrating to see him just sitting on his “throne”, talking smack. what I really wanted to see was him (Thanos) kicking Ronan’s butt when he (Ronan) was disrespecting him (Thanos). However, I have a feeling that Marvel will not let Thanos sit in the background very long. At least, I hope Marvel will release a movie showing the world Thanos’s true, violent nature in the future. He’s really not one to let others do his dirty work. I was surprised to see that Thanos looked a bit like a purple crossover of the Hulk and a rock monster of some sort. I didn’t really get that texture in my imagination or the comics. It’s almost like a – hmm, who am I thinking of? – less jagged Doomsday from The Death of Superman graphic novel. (I will be dealing with that graphic novel soon, as it does not exist in any comic book store I’ve stepped foot in since 1999.)

NEBULA! My dearest, meanest, twisted Nebula, brought to life by – this part kind of thrilled me and freaked me out at the same time – Doctor Who‘s very own Amy Pond! I mean, Karen Gillan. I didn’t see it at first, but I saw pictures of her at Comic Con, and my level of respect for her sky-rocketed. Gillan has joined the ranks of Natalie Portman (V for Vendetta), Anne Hathaway (Les Miserables), and Demi Moore (GI Jane) for her dedication and willingness to shave her head for a role. The part that I want to point out: Nebula is quite flexible. *laughs* That’s not the right word to describe her. She’s indestructible; she’s able to regenerate. The most painful scene for me to watch was when she was putting/pulling herself back together after the Guardians crashed into the Kree ship.  Gillan is just so surreal in her portrayal of Nebula that I’m still very much impressed with her performance. I’m not a big Doctor Who fan, but of the episodes I’ve seen Gillan in, the character of Nebula is a shock and awe role coming from Gillan.
Last underrated character: Yondu Udonta played by Michael Rooker – or as I know him: Merle Dixon of The Walking Dead! When we first saw him on screen, I looked at my husband and whispered, “Daryl’s brother’s alive!” (Couldn’t help it. I liked Merle.) Simple and with too few scenes, I feel as if we (as the audience) didn’t really get enough story behind his Ravagers and his kidnapping of Quill. We know there’s a bigger story between Quill and Yondu besides captor turn father figure, but all we got from Guardians of the Galaxy is that Yondu “beamed” up little Quill, saved him from the rest of crew eating little Quill, trained him how to be a Ravager, and…. *sigh* cliffhanger. *sigh* However! Yondu has my silent favorite vote with his single yaka arrow, which also depresses me as I know from minor reading of the comics (I never got into Guardians of the Galaxy comics, but I have read some.), Yondu is a pretty skilled bowman, who doesn’t need to whistle in high octave pitch to find his mark. Another thing that saddened me about Yondu (and which also makes him my silent favorite) that the movie deleted completely was his language. Speaking in the English tongue is painful for Yondu, which I guess you could say that the movie covered in his “I don’t like to speak much” bits, but I’m missing out on his clicking language and partially his whistling language too. I’ve always wondered how the movies would deal with Yondu, and I guess I actually got an answer: Hollywood would just get rid of what they don’t want to deal with. *sigh* On a good note, I think Rooker did an excellent job with Yondu! That creepy, lovable smile and cocky personality are all Rooker, not necessarily Yondu, but it worked for the movie’s purposes.
The only main character I want to direct your attention to is DRAX. Portrayed by (former?) WWE wrestler, Dave Bautista, I never thought I’d say this… I thoroughly enjoyed watching Bautista in a movie. I loathed him as a wrestler, his story line was just so… duh?… but as Drax, I have to say: WOW. I used to think I’d like to see Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Drax, but after seeing Bautista and HEARING him as Drax, *hands down* I give Drax completely to Dave Bautista. The detailing in the body art for Drax was more impressive than the comic books I’ve seen him in. To be honest, I’m more curious about Drax’s history more than how Rocket and Groot became what/who they are. We learned a bit of background on Gamora, we sort of saw how Quill landed himself in space, and we saw Rocket’s body covered in… I don’t even know what exactly to call them, but Drax… all we ever got was that he’s out for revenge for the murder of his wife and child. I’m looking forward to find out more, whether I have to read the comics or what.
Overall, I give Guardians of the Galaxy:
movie clappermovie clappermovie clappermovie clappermovie clapper
5 of 5 clappers
(a) Evokes all emotions
(b) Diverse characters
(c) Action, action, action
(d) Great comedic reliefs
(e) Soundtrack!
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