Hot Spot: Venetian


Everyone feels as if they know the Venetian Resort, Hotel, and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, but there are little things about the Italian themed hot spot that most tourists don’t really pay attention to. Sure, everyone knows about the gondola rides that takes you through portions of the Canal shopping and dining areas as well as the  exterior canal. I want to share a few of my favorite spots in the Venetian that many know of but not many really pay attention to.

Naturally, the gondolas and water canals are the well-known part of the Venetian. Second – if you ask me as a tourist – would be the amazing architectural and artistic details all over the resort and casino floor(s), walls, and even ceilings. My goodness, the ceilings! When my husband first brought me to the Venetian (during our “dating”/”courting” stage), I was too engrossed into the sky ceiling that I nearly twisted my ankles in my stilettos a few times. dayight skyThe sky view ceiling runs the entire length of the Canal shopping and dining area. (Pretty much wherever you see a canal/gondola, you can bet that if you look up, you’ll see the sky ceiling.) Depending on the time of day you go, the sky ceiling will reflect the time. High noon, the lights will be so bright, you nearly squint or you put on your sunglasses… indoors! At night, you’re tricked into believing that there are stars twinkling above you, though you’re in fact inside and nowhere near the darkness of night.

outside ceilingThere’s another ceiling that almost had me turn into road kill…. The main drive-up entrance to the Venetian is a cover drop-off zone with a jaw dropping, beautiful collection of art. I remember walking across and getting honked at a few times by taxi cabs and guests. I’m not even sorry. I was admiring the craftsmanship that must have taken so long to do and replicate. I can only imagine the artist lying on his back… oh wait… I hope he wasn’t doing it that way!

Moving away from the art! For the 21 and over crowd who are looking for a small but awesome place to meet random new friends, have some great drinks, and get some local DJ experience, I highly recommend the V Bar. Danny Phee is the GM there, and while he’s a good friend of my husband’s, I will not say that I can get you “hooked up”. v barYou can name drop all you want, but in the end, the prices are already better than some of the bigger bars/clubs in the Venetian and Palazzo, and the bartenders really know how to make cocktails. Along with the drinks, you can try the Hookah there as well, which starts at 9:30pm; maybe give my favorite a test: Blue Mist. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, there’s a guest DJ who’ll get you dancing on any open floor space, starting at 10:30pm. While on Fridays and Saturdays, local VJ’s are in the DJ stand, starting at 10:30pm. If you’re interested in checking the V Bar out, Happy Hour is 5:00-8:00 daily, and they’re located in Restaurant Row on the Casino Level, across from Blue Man Theater.

I’m not a big shopper – weird for a woman, eh? – so my next stop is a famous food stop. Well, whenever visitors and guests with a decent size wallet ask me where – on the Strip – should they go for a good steak, my response always echo my husband’s: delmonicoDelmonico Steakhouse located in Restaurant Row on the Casino Level, just down the way from the V Bar. I was lucky enough to have my bachelorette dinner at Delmonico, and I must admit: I have never had a better steak on the west coast. I had dry aged Ribeye – no marinade or seasonings – and melted garlic butter just to enhance the flavor of the steak. So worth every penny! The staff are friendly and enthusiastic about the menu, as well as knowledgeable of what they serve. The 3 guys – 1 host, 2 servers – who dealt with my bachelorette dinner party were entertaining and ready with suggestions for drink, appetizer, side dishes, and a smile, a joke, and a helping hand when I couldn’t scoot my chair closer to the table. “They only did that because if was your bachelorette party.” *Buzzer sound* WRONG! I looked around the room and saw the same service being given to each table. (I’m going to have to do a Foodie: Hot Spot on Delmonico… hmm….)

I can’t end this article without mentioning the one place that I’m on the fence about: madame tussaudsMadame Tussauds Wax Museum. I’m only on the fence about it, as I’m sort of scared of the life-size figures. However, it is a unique experience and hey! If you can’t get close to the actual celebrities… at least you can get the next best thing for $30 (general admission). Open daily at 10:00am, you can purchase tickets until 9:00pm (Sunday-Thursday) and 10:00pm (Friday-Saturday). It’s estimated that it will take guests about 1.5 hours to get through the whole thing for full interactive experience, and in my opinion, 1.5 hours for $30 is well worth the price!

The next time you find yourself in Las Vegas, stop by The Venetian and look up and around, and if you are in my “neighborhood” and need advice or suggestions, let me know on Facebook! Who knows… I may just join you on your Vegas adventure!

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