Pet Highlight: Syren


The spotlight for this Pet Highlight falls on my German Shepherd Dog, Syren. This will actually be interesting as she does have her own personality, and she’s got a lot to say. With that, let’s start the interview, shall we? *clears throat* 

Elle: How old are you, Syren?

Syren: FOUR!

"I'm still little! I fit! See!"

“I’m still little! I fit! See!”

Elle: Not yet. In December, you’ll be four.

Syren: I’m four! On Christmas!

Elle: Sure. We’ll go with that. (December 14) How did you and I become Syren and Mommy?

Syren: You found me on Craigslist and took me away from the other people before they could send me to a death camp!

Working dog

Working dog

Elle: Death camp? You mean a kill shelter. *Syren’s previous owners had placed a “Free to good home” ad on Craigslist, stating that she has 24 hours to find a good home before being placed in a shelter. Well, all the shelters in the area were kill shelters. I drove an hour to pick her up from their house at 9:00PM, and their excuse was: “We didn’t realize she’d get so big.”

Syren: I peed all over the floor.

Elle: Yes, when you first saw your then new Daddy (my ex), but you also peed and shook when you saw what?

Hiking buddy

Hiking buddy

Syren: newspapers, magazines, fly killers (fly swatters), and big dogs.

Elle: And what did Mommy and you do to get you better?

Syren: Playgrounds! Lots of dogs! I was scared. Not anymore! (We went to dog parks every weekend for 1 year before she was comfortable with dogs as big as herself.) Walks on beach! Lots of people! Men! Bad men! I was scared. Not anymore!

Elle: They weren’t all bad men. You made lots of friends who were men. They worked for the City of Pismo Beach, some owned the hotels and stores and restaurants. Your best friend for a time was a surfer guy.

Can't decide which pool to get in

Can’t decide which pool to get in

Syren: Daddy was the best! He smelled friendly. He let me lead.

Elle: You picked your current Daddy before I did during that hike in Avila/Shell Beach.

Syren: Daddy took us away. From the beach. To dry heat. (We relocated from Pismo Beach to Las Vegas.) But we live in big house now! Oh! I have a brother!

Elle: Yes, you do. What’s your favorite thing to do?

Playing with Hope at Five Cities Dog Park

Playing with Hope at Five Cities Dog Park

Syren: Belly rubs. Brother’s Duke. He’s little. I’m big. I like walks too. Duke and I play fight. That’s fun too.

Elle: Focus, Sy. What’s your favorite treat?

Syren: Cookie! Where? Can I get a cookie? I’ll go get my bone? Cookie! I want a cookie! Oh. Sleep. I like sleep too. I have a comfy bed. (Memory foam) But I like sleeping with you on the big bed.

Elle: Yes, you take up a third of the Cali King. Focus, Syren. If you could tell people just one thing, what would you tell them?

All smiles at Pismo Beach

All smiles at Pismo Beach

Syren: Adopt, don’t shop. Advocate. Save shelter dogs. Can we go for a walk? Oh, and what do you always say?

Elle: What? For sayings? “You’ll never know who really saves whom.” That one?

Syren: Yes! I saved you from him. You saved me from them. I saved you from that car. You saved me from that wave. I saved you from that talking snack. You saved me from that scary dog.

Elle: Exactly. You never know who saves whom, and yes, you saved me from getting run over a few times, and I carried you out of the ocean when you decided to go swimming and the wave went over your head. “Talking snack”… the jumping Chihuahua at the dog park? (OMG! I wanted to punt that dog.)

Snuggling with Good Company (teddy bear)

Snuggling with Good Company (teddy bear)

Syren: Yes! Okay. Bye-bye now. I go sleep on Good Company now.

Elle and Syren

Elle and Syren

*** If you have a pet you’d like to recommend for a Pet Highlight, I want to hear your story. Let me know via Contact Me. -Elle

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