Holiday: Labor Day


Happy Labor Day!!!! No work Monday as many Americans know it….

As everyone across the United States (and American military bases) light up their grills for one more hoorah for BBQ’s, one must remember why the holiday is recognized and celebrated. Labor Day is a celebration of the American Labor Movement that happened back in 1887, after a certain event called the Haymarket Affair (aka Haymarket Massacre or Riot) in Chicago in 1886.

Yes, a very unfortunate happening was the trigger for the three-day weekend we’ve all come to enjoy and love. A seemingly peaceful strike by workers exploded when someone tossed a bomb at police, who were pretty much just trying to calm and disperse the crowd. (Pretty much what went down in Ferguson, Missouri.) Well, in the end of the event, 7 policemen and a minimum of 5 civilians were dead, and so many people injured.

While Haymarket actually occurred in May, the president at the time (I believe it was Cleveland? Hey, I’m trying to spout this out without using Google. It’s hard remembering details learned close to 10 years ago.) thought it was disrespectful and distasteful to commemorate Labor Day in May, so he just pretty much passed a bill that established the holiday in September. I can’t remember who actually offered September as the month to celebrate Labor Day, I think it was a branch of the Union Workers.

In the end, when you say “grace” or how ever you give “thanks” for the food you will be eating, please remember to thank the civil workers, the Union brothers and sisters, and anyone and everyone who provides a service to you as a customer, and if you are one of the hundreds of thousands of civil workers:

For the past, I thank you for the sacrifice(s) you made.
For the present, I thank you for the services you provide.
For the future, I pray you good health in mind, body, and spirit.

Thank you for my three-day weekend at the end of August and at the start of September. I will never forget.

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