Random Thought: The Fires of Heaven

I’m in the middle of Robert Jordan’s The Fires of Heaven (Book 5 of The Wheel of Time series) and as things in the series are blowing up and really getting nitty gritty, I gotta say:

(1) GO, AVIENDHA! GO! (but did you really have to go running off into a blizzard like that, chickadee?)

(2) Why am I having a hard time imagining Elayne with dark black’ish hair? I’m really struggling to do this, and I have a great sense of imagination!

(3) I cried over Siuan Sanche! (and I’m looking forward to The Gathering Storm for her story to really get slapped around!)

(4) I completely forgot how Elayne and Birgitte get linked! I was in tears with Nynaeve for a few minutes.

Okay. That’s all I can say without actually smacking those who haven’t read the books with spoilers. *giggles*

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