Pet Highlight: La Dulce Brina


The first ever Pet Highlight for Short Stack Story Time goes to my friend’s dog. I’ve known Jennifer Michelle since high school, and I’ve never seen her or heard of her being such a “pet parent”, but with this little Shih-tzu, my dear friend turns into mush. Here’s the interview:

"Do I have pretty eyes?"

“Do I have pretty eyes?”

Elle: What’s her full name?

JM: La Dulce Brina. I based her name on La Dulce Vita. I changed “the sweet” from Italian to Spanish and Vita to Brina.

Elle: How old is she now?

JM: Eight… ish.

Ell: How’d you guys become family?


"You're not leaving me behind!"

“You’re not leaving me behind!”

JM: I got her from Lee County Animal Shelter. I was doing my animal behavior internship there. It was the end of the day, and I was sweeping and mopping the lobby when a woman came in to drop off a dog she claimed to have found. She said that the dog never left her feet and her other dogs didn’t like her. I walked up to see the dog, and it was really love at first sight. As soon as the woman left, I filled out the adoption form and told the lady in charge of my internship that I wanted her. I had to wait the seven days for any “potential” owners to come forth and claim her. Well, on day seven, I took her home, and we’ve been besties ever since.

Elle: Rescue pets are the best. What’s her favorite snack, food, treat?

"I support my mommy's running hobby."

“I support my mommy’s running hobby.”

JM: She eats like a rabbit. Her favorite treats are carrots. If she hears you cutting vegetables, she’ll woof and woof until she gets some. She’ll even eat Timothy hay.

Elle: What’s Timothy hay?

JM: Stuff you feed guinea pigs. I learned that Brina will eat the stuff when she stole my roommate’s stash and started snacking on it.

Elle: That sounds so gross and weird and funny.

"Am I pretty? Am I cute?"

“Am I pretty? Am I cute?”

JM: I’ll tell you funny. During an ice storm, I was walking her through the neighborhood. WE’d been walking a while, and she ended up having to poo. She decided to poop on an incline, facing downhill. Her poop started sliding on the ice towards her, and she was terrified! She tucked her tail between her legs to run from it.

Elle: What? That’s hilarious!

"Watching football? Yes... go Auburn!" *snores*

“Watching football? Yes… go Auburn!” *snores*

JM: If I hadn’t had her on a leash, I probably would have lost her.

Elle: Last question. If Brina could speak… in human speech… What would she say?

JM: She’ll say something like…. “I’m pretty. Don’t you think I’m pretty? Mom tells me I’m pretty. Hey! Look over there! That’s a leaf. It’s not as pretty as me. I wonder if it will be my little friend. I’m your little friend. Friends are nice. I’m pretty. Don’t you think I’m pretty? Be my friend.”

Elle: That’s perfect! She sounds like my Syren. (my German Shepherd)

JM: Brina thinks everyone and everything is her friend… except her poop… and vacuum cleaners. She’s terrified of vacuum cleaners.

Elle: Thanks for sharing Brina with me and Short Stack Story Time. She’s so full of personality. May have to do a follow up on her to get some more funny stories.

Jennifer with La Dulce Brina

Jennifer with La Dulce Brina

*** If you have a pet, you’d like to share a story about, I’d love to hear from you. Click on “Contact Me” and send me a message! – Elle

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