Random Thought: Laundry

I’ve been doing laundry since I could carry (drag) the laundry basket down the stairs to the basement of my parents’ house. I’ve always had a system: colors, whites, jeans/pants, towels/sheets. My parents taught me this system and taught me at a very early age (5) how to do laundry. I guess I took it for granted and believed (in my naivety) that all parents taught their kids how to do laundry like my parents (and around the same age). My husband learned how to do laundry by pretty much watching and guessing. He got “lucky” and had mom doing it practically until he married me. (I say practically, because he did do his own laundry for the most part during his time working in California.) My husband and I have no children YET, but we both agreed that no matter what gender, our kids will learn  the laundry system in the similar fashion as I did. Luckily for our future offspring, the laundry room is upstairs and located in the middle of all the rooms. Thanks to high efficiency detergent (and my fear of shrinking clothes), we wash everything in cold water, saving a little money on the electric bill. Best chore system I learned during childhood and perfected over the years: Laundry. Divided into 4 classifications, 2-3 loads per weekend. Now, if I can only get my husband to fold the underwear correctly….

*** Thank you, mama and papa, for “forcing” me to do laundry at a young age as a chore every weekend. It only took 23 years for me to say it. Thank you. ***

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